Introducing… (pt.1)

Skynet didn’t kick off Defcon 1, Jesus died for our sins (again), Kate Middleton successfully said the right words in the correct order, OBL was buried at sea and we all had some barbecues to celebrate surviving this wave of apocalypse.

Seeing as not much really happened, we should have new things to get excited about. How about some speaker announcements for Playful 2011? Okay then:

First up is Matthew Sheret.

Many people know him as the “data griot” for where he tells stories with our scrobbles, but he’s also one of the fine people behind We Are Words and Pictures. We’re longstanding fans of Paper Science, so thought we’d put Matt on a stage to talk about about Time Lords, frothing and how the writer of X-Men has him looking for a Dungeon Master in everyday life.

Next is Georgina Voss.

Georgina is a tech outlaw who spends her time researching and hacking poor, defenceless hardware, playing with domestic technologies, ethics and that sort of thing. It’s all very interesting. The words Georgina will be saying at Playful will centre around how consent and negotiation are designed into playful and interactive events and what non-consensual interaction experiences may develop.

The third course in this tasty speaker meal is Marcus Brown.

Marcus is currently Head of Social Media at Booming in Munich. He has spent the last few years being other people on the internet — The Kaiser, Sacrum, Charles Stab, The Lord God Almighty and Jack The Twitter to name a few. At the heart of it all, Marcus is a naughty tinker and a brilliant storyteller. At Playful, he will be talking about life Beyond The Middle Aged Future, and making people see that reality is still valid.

The final announcement for this post is Chris O’Shea.

Chris spoke at Playful ’09, and has been very busy since then creating wonderful installations, digital toys and fun experiences. Chris makes some of the sweetest, brightest and most interesting augmented reality projects using his big bag of interactive tricks. We’re looking forward his return and talk about the future of screens across urban gaming, technology and portable devices.

There’s still a handful of tickets left, chow down on them (purchase) before they go cold (sell out).

That’s it for now. Quite enough to be getting along with, I think. Yum.

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