Newspapers & Volunteers

Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed us about volunteering to help at Playful ’09. We’ll be getting back to everyone by, we hope, tomorrow at the latest. We’ve got a list of fine folks, and we’ll be putting their names into a giant hypothetical hat over a cup of builder’s in our warm office, and picking out a few or more. We’ll be in touch.

In other news, we can’t quite contain ourselves with excitement now that we’ve decided what to do for the physical ‘programme’ at Playful ’09. We’re chuffed to the rafters to be working with Newspaper Club, who will not only be sorting out the print and delivery, but have also come on board as a sponsor or, as we prefer to put it, Supporting Chums (check the sidebar for our other chums).

So this year, as well as getting a free lunch, as much tea as you can humanly drink (responsibly), you get a newspaper with pages and words and pictures and crosswords and everything. We can’t wait to get our fingers all inked up on the morning of Friday 30th October…already the though of cutting the wire reminds of paper-round days wearing long-johns at six in the morning.


P.S. This week the folks that bring you Playful have been to see Up and Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee, and recommend that everyone should see both of ‘em. One of them made us cry with laughter, the other one just made us cry (three times).

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