New Year, New Videos, Next Playful…

Is three months long enough to feel nostalgic about something? Probably not, but we’ve been feeling a bit of it whilst going through the videos from Playful ’08. How come it’s taken so long? Well, the camera we filmed it on didn’t want to export to our computers, so we had to find another camera. Then there were wires and file format issues, and editing software backwards compatibility issues. We’re not a video editing company, thankfully.

So it’s now that I can say we’ve got some videos up on our Vimeo group. It’s actually been quite useful editing the videos so late on because we’ve just started officially planning Playful ’09. In actual fact we’ve been planing it in our heads since the minute Playful ’08 finished, but now we’re sharing those ideas. We’ve been thinking about what was good, what was really good, what we’d change and what we wouldn’t. We’ve put together a sponsor pack, and to do so looked through everything people said about the day on Twitter and blogs. Again, distance is a good thing, and reading all that stuff gave us more and more ideas.

We’re in the process of putting together a questionnaire to ensure that this year will be not ‘just as good’ but ‘way way better’.



Until that questionnaire though, here are some videos. We hope that, if you weren’t there, you’ll get as much out of them as we got from seeing the talks on the day and that you’ll join us later this year for Playful ’09.

James Wallis @ Playful:Game Design London 2008 from Richard Birkin on Vimeo.

One thought on “New Year, New Videos, Next Playful…

  1. Mystic Monkey

    I was wondering if you included any time to play games within in the event. I am working on a new mobile location based game based around user generated content and I trying to identify as series of events to get some user trials and feeback

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